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Capacity Building Programme for Refugee Women’s Organisations

Refugee Women’s Association has been committed to developing and building the capacity of small refugee women’s organisations, in particular to enable them to access and assist individual women in their communities, thus empowering women.

We have been assisting refugee women’s groups on a one to one basis and disseminating quality information, which is directly relevant to them. The advice service deals with such issues as fundraising, constitutions, applications to the Charity Commission, recruitment, premises and lobbying.

  • This is done through the dissemination of quality information, directly relevant to refugee organisations
  • This is done through providing one to one advice and guidance on setting up and managing the organisation, developing relevant policies, producing effective publicity, recruitment, fund-raising, lobbying, marketing and other issues.
  • This is done through the promotion of networking and partnerships amongst refugee women’s organisations and other services.
  • The Capacity Building Programme that RWA offers has been designed specially for refugee women’s organisations and women sections of community organisations. The programme takes cultural difference and the difference in social order between nations into consideration.
  • It is designed according to the needs of refugee women’s organisations.
  • It is developed after long consultation in which many of the refugee women’s organisations and women’s sections of refugee community organisations took part.
  • It is a culture and gender sensitive programme.
  • It consists of theoretical information and one to one assistance.

For more information, please contact Feride Baycan @ RWA on 020 7923 2412

Let's Build Up: New Capacity-Building Training Programme by RWA

We have very recently added training to our programme: Let's Build Up consists of theoretical information and practical workshops, followed by surgeries and accompanied by a capacity building pack. It is a gender and culture sensitive programme that is designed to meet the needs of refugee women's groups.
The training project is designed to especially for groups representing different cultures and gender.

The course runs from October 2003 until May 2004. There are 12 topics in total with each topic lasting 2 days:

- Managing a Women’s Organisation
- Volunteers and User Involvement
- Strategic Development and Business Planning
- Developing Fundraising Strategies
- Project Development and Proposal Writing
- Funding Applications: UK Trusts
- Funding Applications: Government Funding
- Funding Applications: EU Funding
- Recruitment and Staff Structures
- Partnership and Networking
- Financial Procedures and Controls
- Producing Effective Publicity

If you are a women’s organisation or group and are interested in participating in the programme, please contact Feride Baycan @ RWA on 020 7923 2412

What the groups we work with have to say

With us from the start

Nadia Mahmood, Middle East Centre for Women's Rights

We established the Middle East Centre for Women's Rights (also known as the Middle East Centre for Women's Studies and Research) in July 1999 to achieve equal rights for women in Middle Eastern communities. Refugee Women's Association was the first organization we met up with, and the capacity-building programme provided us with essential support right from the beginning.

The first project we wanted to do at MECWR was to publish an Arabic-English women's magazine, but I had no idea how to do that. Where would I start? What to do? Where to go? Whom to speak to? Is publishing a women's magazine even possible in the first place? I headed to RWA's offices with my co-founder Sahar Al-Jaali. Feride drew up our first plan, asking me about our aims and objectives and illustrating all that should be done. She also helped us write our first application for funding. She supported us with planning and identifying needs, and so in many ways has put us on the right path.

RWA also gave us great publicity by interviewing us in the RWA bi-monthly magazine and advertising our activities. This gives us a chance to make known the needs of women in our communities, and to circulate information about our projects.

Now, 5 years after the MECWR started its work with the wonderful support of RWA, we have come to a stage where we work together with RWA as separate but equal women's projects. For example we worked jointly on the subject of domestic violence and honour killing, and I think both organizations benefited from this.

Over the coming months and years, I have got to know other organizations, other women and men, who supported our work enormously. However I always go back to RWA's capacity-building programme. Whether we develop new initiatives, organize a workshop, write proposals or fill in funding applications, RWA have always been there.

Nadia's article was first published in Refugee Women's News Issue 25, October & November 2003.

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